Recently we decided to head over to Leeds to the the newly renovated Tropical World at Roundhay Park & had a wonderful time! There are so many reasons as to why I would recommend this attraction to anybody with or without children! 

Where: Tropical World Postcode: LS8 2ER

Suitable for prams: Yes

Parking: Yes FREE street parking 

Total Price: £6 (£6 adult Children Age 5 and over £3) (Under 5’s FREE)


Would I return: Yes

Tip: If you think your toddler would enjoy exploring by foot, leave the buggy in the car and let them walk around as there is no buggy park! Also it is very tropical inside you will be warm enough in just a tshirt so remember this when the family gets dressed for the day layering is key as normally it will be cold when you get back outside!

Tropical World is a fabulous place to to visit! It is bursting with all different kinds of animals & creatures that you can see up close! Other animal attraction on occasions be a let down as quite often you have to be lucky to see all the animals as they sometimes hide but at Tropical World the animals & creatures are right in front of you!

The walkway is wide enough all the way around so there are no problems for any pushchairs or wheelchairs users, upon entering Tropical World there are loads of beautiful butterflies flying around if your lucky enough one may even land on you! 

There are so many different animals to see on the way around so always keeps your eyes peeled as you never know what you might come accross! This particular animal pictured below was beautiful,I later found out this is a Victoria crowned pigeon. Best looking pigeon i have ever seen! What I also loved about the walk around was that it was easy for my smaller child who was in his Pram to look around and see all the different things Tropical world had to offer.

The newly renovated areas are fantastic, there is so much more to look at and read and learn on your way around. Whilst walking through Tropical World you always have to look around high and low as there are so many different things animals & creatures to look out for! You never know what you might come accross in the rainforest, desert & aquarium!

Some of our favourite animals we saw were the fish, crocs, tarantulas, frogs, meerkats & bats! Throughout our adventure it was great to see how well all the animals, creatures & even the plants were cared for!  The animals and environments looked clean & there was plenty food for them.

One thing I would like to mention which I’m sure you will all be interested in is the price! For a great day out I feel Tropical World is a bargain! £6 entry and Under 5’s free! I can’t think of many places where you could visit where it’s clean, warm and has a great variety of animals on offer at that fabulous admission price! 

There is an onsite cafe and a little gift shop where they sell lots of different animal toys, I even noticed a huge meerkat bigger than my children!

Once you have finished looking around grab yourself an Ice Cream & enjoy a lovely walk around Roundhay Park, with stunning views and a couple of different parks if your children are not tired out just yet! If you take some bread you can also feed the ducks & swans on the lake! (If you manage to get that far!) The scenery is fabulous and I always manage to get some lovely pictures of the children when I visit! If you would like to know more about Roundhay Park please see my other blog!

Thanks for reading 😀👍

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