The Scan Room Ltd are a market leading ultrasound provider offering a range of services from medical ultrasound to obstetrics and 4D scanning and they are right here on our doorstep in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. An OUTSTANDING, PROFESSIONAL, & LOCAL business that I simply cannot recommend enough to people of Huddersfield, Yorkshire & beyond.

Where: The Scan Room, Huddersfield, HD3 4AL

Contact: 01484 810399

So if you haven’t already guessed I would like to share our wonderful news that we are currently expecting baby number 3! After our 12 week Scan through the NHS I just couldn’t wait to find out if our baby was going to become a little brother or little sister to our 2 sons Harley aged 4 and Brodie aged 2 and was straight on the internet looking at early gender scans.

The Scan Room in Huddersfield popped up and after visiting the website I couldn’t resist paying them a visit.

You are able to book in for a gender scan from 16 weeks although you are able to book scans for any stage throughout your pregnancy (early reassurance scans, gender scans, wellbeing and 3D/4D scans in later pregnancy)

As with all pregnancy scans you clock watch until your appointment time, drink lots of water and just can’t wait to see your baby on the screen. It was extremely easy to find and has free parking just a stones throw away from the entrance.

Upon arrival we were made to feel extremely welcome and instantly felt comfortable. A lovely lady named Mariam who is an undergraduate in diagnostics looked after us whilst we waited for our appointment.

We were the only people waiting and it was really private, relaxing and felt like we had the whole place to ourselves, Mariam stayed with us until our sonographer was ready until then you are able to help yourselves to complimentary refreshments and snacks which is a lovely touch.

We were introduced to our sonographer and taken through to ‘The Scan Room’ I could not believe how big and spacious the room was. If you wanted your family to attend the Scan with you 10 people would fit in easily!

The sonographer asked a couple of questions regarding my pregnancy and after informing her of my due date she proceeded with the Scan.

After only ever experiencing scans with the NHS I simply cannot recommend a private Scan enough it is most definitely worth the investment and is an experience I will never forget. There is a big screen so you can ALWAYS see what the sonographer is doing, your eyes are constantly fixed on your growing little baby, without the screen being turned away from you all the time. We felt comfortable throughout to ask questions and never once felt rushed, this was our time and we enjoyed every moment of it.

We all managed to listen to our baby’s heartbeat which was lovely and we were told about how our baby was doing in accordance to our due date which was really reassuring. We were also offered a preview at 3D/4D but as we were only 16 weeks pregnant we were advised the images are much clearer further on in the pregnancy! Amazing to see, absolutely fascinating!

When the sonographer stated she was now going to look to try and determine our baby’s gender there was no missing what it was! So much so she didn’t really have to say anything! What an excellent image! I’m sorry my husband didn’t manage to capture the image to share with you all but it was VERY clear what we was having!

Our 2 sons were so excited and I am so pleased that we could take them with us and not have to worry about them being noisy or not sitting down whilst the sonographer was scanning me as you can see they were extremely pleased with what the sonographer had to say…….

IT’S A BOY!! 💙💙💙

Absolutely over the moon…….. what a wonderful experience we had.

After our appointment had finished we waited for the sonographer to print off our photos which I must add were included in the price of the Scan, to our surprise and delight we were then given a complimentary goody bag to take home.

Overall I cannot recommend The Scan Room enough to any expectant parents. Outstanding friendly polite and professional staff, relaxing and comfortable, spotlessly clean, and a totally unforgettable private five star experience with clear images and a family memory we will never forget. If you are currently expecting and wondering whether to book a private Scan I’m sure you know what I am going to say…. you will not be disappointed and it’s most definitely worth the investment! I promise I have not been paid to write this review it is 100% honest and you can expect a 5 star experience. What a fabulous place!


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