Wow – What a stunning view! This is the first thing that comes to mind whilst writing my blog about our recent visit to Sealife Centre Scarborough! It is located at the bottom of a hill right on the edge of the coast! There are plenty parking spaces and if you fancy you can even get on the small railway to Sealife (North Bay Railway)

Where: Sealife Scarborough Postcode: YO12 6RP

Total Price: £18pp (Book Online for cheaper rates 50% off see website) Under 3’s FREE

Car Park: £2 for 1 hour or £4 for 3 hours 


Pram Friendly: Yes however towards the end of your visit please note: They have some stairs, If you you travelled by car leave pushchair in the boot!

Would I return: Yes if discounted tickets were available

Tip: DO NOT Pay full price! There are so many different vouchers for 2-4-1 or book online to save up to 50% off. You can also purchase a different tickets to include mini golf, or a £5 voucher for the restaurant should you wish to visit either those additional facilities.

View from inside the Sealife Centre

Our trip to Sealife Scarborough was fabulous it was was set in the most beautiful place and we wouldn’t wait to take a look around. 

Upon entering there was a family photo opportunity, we had to look ‘scared’ as we were told some piranhas were trying to eat us….. that worked my children did look scared hence the reason we didn’t buy the picture! After telling them it was only for a photograph they couldn’t wait to run around and show Mummy & Daddy what they could see!

There are loads of different types, colours and sizes of fish to see. There are great viewing areas throughout this Sealife centre which makes it great for children of any age whether in buggies or walking they don’t always need picking up as there are plenty of low viewing windows. 

There are plenty of jellyfish to see and if your lucky and visit the beach after your Sealife visit you may spot some ones there we managed to see two! Throughout your walk around there are plaques with information about the Sealife creatures, if your child asks you the questions about the sealife at least you should be able to answer them! If not the staff throughout seem very knowledgable and seemed happy to assist. 

There is a wonderful walk through where you can get up close to the penguins however due to the increased presence of Avian Bird Flu in Europe the walk through is closed as a precaution however there are still viewing areas where you can still see the penguins.

During your visit be sure to pick up a talk time timetable if your interested In watching to the seals being fed and learning about how they ended up at Sealife. 

Within the centre there is a small outdoor play area, Ice Cream/Coffee Shop and a Mini Golf (Additonal Charge) 

Overall the Sealife was great, there is plenty to Sea! I must admit as the weather was beautiful it did make our experience even more enjoyable as parts of it was outdoors, there is a Cafe near the exit upstairs and a small gift shop near the exit. 

If your visiting Scarborough I’m sure your children would love a visit! 

Thanks for reading 🙂 

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