Okay so I’m going to be totally honest here I LOVE holidays who doesn’t!? There is just something so exciting about telling your children they are going to be going on an aeroplane in however many days… and pointing at them in the sky and saying ‘That will be us soon!’

Anything to do with holidays always catches my eye and as I am a new blogger one day I was scrolling through some of the new bloggers I started following and one of them (@Littleonesweet) had just been on a ski holiday with Mark Warner Holidays and it looked absolutely fabulous! 

Shortly after… Mark Warner Holidays had announced they were looking for new blogger ambassadors and well I certainly am new! I am coming up to my 4th official week as a blogger. I even wondered if I should bother to enter as I might not have hundreds and thousands of followers like others but then I thought to myself why not…… everybody has to start somewhere so I got the card, pens, stickers and felt tips out and whenever my little boy Brodie (1 year old) had a nap me and my Toddler Harley (3 year old) would jot some ideas down and together we created this!

My toddler brought me the stickers above that he had finished sticking around his bedroom and said ‘Mummy let’s use these’ so we did! He was more than happy to share them with me so we could try our best with our entry!

I wanted to try and do something abit different & wanted to use MARK WARNER within my Top 10 Must Haves, As if I was ever going to become a successful ambassador then I would do everything I could to promote them aswell as having fun so I wanted to show that in my application! 

I am a sucker for a rhyme,so when I had time, I jotted stuff down in my pad, my husband thought that I’d gone mad! Okay I’ll stop!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed reading my Top 10 Must Haves, I know you will all know what they would look like but I couldn’t resist showing you our personalised finding dory passport covers! 😀

FromYorkshire2U by Sophia Fisher 😀 #MarkWarnerMum


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