At the beginning of the football season I bought my boys our home team football kit with their name on my eldest son loves to wear it and they both look so cute in it! When we wake up Saturday morning my son said ‘Can we go to Football Match Mummy?!’ So I thought to myself why not and said Yes!

Where: John Smith’s Stadium Postcode: HD1 6PG

Total Price: £23.00

Car Park: Park on a side street near the stadium for FREE Parking 


Pram Friendly: Yes (Please contact Ticket Office Prior) 

Would I return: Yes

Tip: Make a day of it visit Canalside for some great FREE kids pre match entertainment! HD2 1YJ (about 5 mins from the stadium & FREE onsite parking whilst visiting)

Okay let me get the first bit out of the way… It was Huddersfield Town V Burton Albion and Yes I did take my 3 & 1 year old to a football match all by myself, the amount of people that stopped me and said wow your brave bringing them on your own! How do you manage?! I am a Full Time Mum and spend every minute with my children so taking my boys out for the day whilst Daddy is busy working is nothing new to me and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I think I have learnt to become a fabulous Multi-Tasker! 

Before the Football Match we headed to PPG Canalside which is where the HTAFC players train, On Match Days they host a Fanzone. Fanzone was fabulous we got there about 2 hours before kick off and there was plenty to keep us all occupied. The Fanzone was suited to fans of all ages from 1-100! Outside there were opportunities to test your football skills and win vouchers for Wickes, Matchday Tickets and Chocolate Footballs! There was a lady offering face painting and a balloon man who I was extremely impressed with his balloons were fantastic! Also all parts of the Fanzone is FREE! 

Harley with his Terry The Terrier Mascot Balloon!

After spending an hour at Canalside we headed to park up near the town centre and walked down to the stadium to collect our tickets that we booked over the phone in the morning. 

We got to the ground in good time with about half an hour to spare and watched the players warm up!

Huddersfield Town are winners of Family Club of the year and I could see why, Players were making efforts to wave and acknowledge young fans and I’m not sure they realise how happy they made some young boys football teams day by waving at them, The picture on the little face was priceless! It was clear some of the young children had heroes and idols in the team and they were so excited to be able to take penalties against Terry The Terrier at Half-Time! I must say I’m no scout but there were some great penalty takers amongst them!

So your probably wondering why it’s half time already and I haven’t even mentioned the match yet but that’s because it wasnt the best half of football we have ever seen! The boy’s did well in the first half there were clappers left on the seats and they both enjoyed banging them and being able to make lots of noise. Harley managed to learn quite abit about the rules, some songs and even a couple of favourite players! Hefele & Kachunga! My youngest son Brodie slept through the 2nd half and in all honesty I’m not surprised! 

We left before Full Time so it wasn’t too busy for us heading back into town & We Missed the late one & only goal which meant Burton won 1-0! 

Overall we had a lovely day out, shame about the result but that’s Football! One more Tip: Pack lots of snacks & Juice if your children get fidgety… Jelly Babies, Chocolate Dips, Raisins and Cream Crackers worked a treat! 

Here is a copy of the official fan guide!

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