This week I turned 30 and since I remember Emmerdale has always been apart of my life. My grandma & grandad used to watch it every week back in the day when I stayed over I couldn’t wait to turn off the lights, sit with my cocoa and wait for it to start. Now I have my own family even though my children are young aged 3 & 1 they do enjoy Emmerdale. Don’t get me wrong they are normally tucked up in bed by then, but when it’s on they do watch the telly! They may not understand the storylines but I think it’s all the drama, colours and as it’s from Yorkshire they recognise the accents & of course the theme tune! 

Where: Emmerdale Studio Experience Postcode: LS3 1JT

Total Price: £21pp (10.00am early bird available which includes breakfast) Under 5’s FREE

Car Park: Yes available directly opposite the studio pay & display.


Pram/ Wheelchair Friendly: Yes throughout!

Would I return: Yes 

The Studio is easy to find and there is a pay & display car park situated right opposite the entrance, We were given a warm welcome & a Emmerdale Experience lanyard to keep hold of as a keepsake, as it was almost Halloween we were given a Spot the pumpkin sheet to fill in on the way around which was great as my little boy loved looking for these. 

So the tour started and our host was called Will (if I remember right!) & I have to say he was fabulous, he was entertaining, spoke clearly, made jokes & most importantly gave us information & answered all our questions regarding Emmerdale (Some good… Some he had clearly got out of some early Christmas crackers!) The place is filled with wonderful photos of all the Emmerdale Characters Past & Present.

The tour lasts approximately 1hr and 15 mins and it seemed to fly by, as the saying goes time flys when your having fun & we certainly did!

We were given some information on the directors and how long it takes to film episodes, create storylines and make them all come to life our screens. The amount of time spent on creating & filming is huge but it’s all worth it! 👍

The Costume department was fabulous, They even had a costume left from the first ever episode of Emmerdale! A couple of pieces stood out to me… Dans Pink Suit & Moiras Red Wedding Dress to Cain. You could also easily spot Kerrys wardrobe it was like a rainbow! 

It was fab to see all the Props they have and use, somethings look so fabulous & realistic when in actual fact they are fake, weigh nothing and made from polystyrene.

One of the favourite parts of the tour for me was seeing The Dingles home I cannot believe how small it is, yet it appears to be fairly big on the telly! Little spoiler for you but… my favourite fact: the hand knitted blankets for the sofa are actually sent it by Emmerdale Viewers, originally they had 6 so they appealed for a few more…. you don’t need to get the knitting needles out just yet as they currently have a whopping 6,000!! 

Throughout the tour there is so much to see & do it constantly tests your knowledge about the programme. Throughout the tour my boys were joining in looking and interacting with the different parts of the tour they even helped with editing and the lighting in Beauty & Bernice!

Another favourite part of the tour has to be The Woolpack of course! Plus there is an opportunity to get a photograph pulling a pint behind the bar! 

The photograph is taken behind the bar these can be seen and purchased at the end of the tour.

Overall the Emmerdale Studio Experience was really enjoyable for all four of us, My 3 year old Harley even asked if we could go again! We were on a tour with 2 other couples which was good as we all had the chance to take part and have photographs. If you are or know an Emmerdale fan it is a must visit Yorkshire Attraction whether you live here or simply visiting. There is so much to see, there is plenty of images I haven’t shared or about as I want to keep some parts of the tour a surprise!

At the end of the tour you head into the shop & Cafe, I have to say it would be great final touch if it was set up like David’s Shop, and the Cafe like Bob’s but of course they change frequently. The only other niggle of mine was in the Gift Shop everything had Emmerdale Studio Experience on it rather than just Emmerdale which meant I didn’t purchase as many gifts for other people.

Overall I am glad we celebrated the morning of my 30th birthday here & made some more fun filled family memories! Thank You! 😀

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