Crafty Kids is a lovely little place where you can take your children and not have to worry about mess! Play doh, paints, crayons you name it, if it goes everywhere it doesn’t matter! You don’t get the look, you know the one, where a member of staff is giving you the eyeball because your child is making a complete mess everywhere! Children are able to have fun & enjoy themselves! At Crafty Kids you are able to paint a personal keepsake, card, picture or even paint themselves if they wish! Although I must admit when we visited it was tidy and it didn’t get overly messy! 

Where: Crafty Kids Postcode: HD8 8TH

Suitable for prams: Yes

Parking: Yes FREE

Total Price: £5 per child


Would I return: Yes

Tip: Dress your child in suitable clothes that if they get messy and full of paint it doesn’t matter! (Aprons are available if needed but if your child is like mine they don’t keep them on!)

It’s somewhere different to go but a fun one rather than soft play, a park or the usual day out!

We attended the Toddler Tuesday session which was good, there were different things set up on each table including homemade play doh & cutters, card making, painting & colouring.

Everything your child creates is put into a folder at the end of the session and they get to take everything home with them! More paintings to stick in the kitchen! You also get a cuppa included in the £5! There is a jug of juice and some biscuits for the children to help themselves to which is a nice little touch, which child doesn’t love juice & biscuits!! 

There is a small sand pit, water table, little tent & small rug for a small child to play with a couple of toys.

Crafty Kids is a great place to make some memorable keepsakes some things do cost extra like mugs and small canvasses. (£3 additional) however you can paint your child’s hands or feet and do it yourself on paper to take home. 

If it is somebody’s birthday or a special occasion coming up then it is the perfect opportunity to make a handmade card…. here is one we made. Harley made this for his friend for Valentines Day! How Sweet! ❤️

There are different sessions on throughout the week, spaces are limited as it is quite small so even though booking isn’t always required I would always ring and book in advance if you know your going to be making a visit! Toddler Tuesday sessions starts at 10am until 12pm but you can stay as long or as little as you like. 

Sundays are for private parties only! A party here would be great something totally different personalised your children’s likes and all the children could take home a personalised keepsake! 

If your wondering if there is anything else to do after you have visited Crafty Kids there is a play gym within a few metres in the same building called Jelly Beans just in case you want to make it a full day out!

Thanks for reading! 😀 

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