As a chocolate lover…. when I heard about the Chocolate Beauty Spa In Garforth, Leeds, I just had to book an appointment…. yes just because of the name! I decided that as my eyebrows now looked that bad I had started to tell people I was growing them until one day a friend said I think you have grown them enough now! So I thought I’d try out to HD Brows & a Back Massage, After all who doesn’t love or need one! 

As you drive up Main Street in Garforth there are quite a few small Beauty salons but none of them particularly stood out, they were either really small,closed or didn’t seem inviting. I know the saying you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but I do find that saying difficult sometimes when trying somewhere new. Chocolate Beauty Spa is right at the top of Main Street, They had a lovely display of Decleor Products in the window & a treatment bed which looked great on display. From the outside it looked clean, tidy, organised & modern.

Where: Chocolate Beauty Spa – Garforth Postcode: LS25 1AF


Car Parking: No onsite Parking but roadside parking & car parks available nearby

Upon arrival I was greeted by a lovely therapist who took my details and asked me to take a seat in the waiting area where I was asked to fill out a small form with my details & any contraindications I had (Long word basically meaning any medical history they need to know, pregnancy, injuries, allergies etc just in case you didn’t know!) 
I was only sat for a couple of minutes when a different therapist called Nicole greeted me and advised me to go through for the HD Brows treatment I had booked. That particular morning I had been swimming my hair was still abit wet, hardly brushed, I had no make up on & I was in a beauty salon….  but I was instantly made to feel comfortable, Nicole was really welcoming, friendly & was interested In my conversation. Nicole talked me through the HD Brows treatment and asked me what I was hoping to achieve at the end. I was shown a picture of some different types of eyebrows and with Nicole’s experience and my agreement she proceeded to sort my bushy eyebrows out. (I had left them to grow for at least 2 months- the longer you leave them the better shape you will get!) 

Nicole tinted, waxed, threaded, & plucked my eyebrows to achieve these results and I was so happy with them. Just what I was hoping for!

I would definitely recommend the HD Brows to anybody looking for a new shape or simply for maintenance as I now no longer have to worry about me doing them, being odd, plus with the tint I don’t have to put eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow to fill my brow in when wearing make up. (Please note a Patch test is required before this treatment it takes 1 minute – Just to make sure you are not allergic!) 

It is £25 for HD Brows 

I was then shown to the treatment room which was very calming, warm & it smelt divine, it was dark and so relaxing. She left the room whilst I made myself comfortable on the bed, tucked myself under the heated blankets and focused on the calming music …. I must admit I nearly fell asleep before she came back in the room! 

I was asked about the pressure and if there were any targeted areas i wanted her to focus on. I was immediately relaxed and felt at ease with Nicole. Half an hour passed and my massage had finished, it was one of the nicest massages I have had So Thank You!

At the end of the massage Nicole brought me a glass of water and I made my way back downstairs, there were some ladies having there nails done 💅 they also looked fab and they all seemed to be having a lovely time in the salon. Overall the atmosphere was nice, friendly and as a ‘Newbie’ who had never been here before I felt I was made to feel very welcome. 

Overall I would definitely recommend it, Decleor is an amazing product, I was very impressed with the professionalism & friendliness of the staff, The place was clean, fresh & modern…… the only thing i would like to see…  is more about why it is a Chocolate Beauty Spa, More Chocolate products & more advertised chocolate treatments! Maybe a small chocolate gesture once your treatment has finished or when you are about to leave!?! 

I’m already looking forward to returning if I ever need (When I need!!) any maintenance 😀 If your stuck for a Christmas or Birthday Gift for somebody then I definitely recommend a voucher for Chocolate Beauty Spa! They have an additional Spa in Morley too! 

Thanks for having me! 😀

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