All I can say is be prepared for tears! This hotel is a one of a kind children’s hotel based at the Alton Towers Resort. What an amazing place for kids, its bright, colourful and so much fun! As I say just be prepared for the tears…… when you have to check out and leave to return home!

Where: CBeebies Hotel Postcode: ST10 4DB

Parking: Yes FREE

Near Attractions: Alton Towers, Splash Landings

Swimming Pool: Onsite Water Park (Charge if not included in package)


Would I return: Yes!

I’m a big kid heart.. so much so that when you put a CBeebies on in a morning and your going about your morning routine but before turning the telly off you have to watch the end of Mr Tumble, or just have to wait and see if Cook and Line will walk the plank on Swashbuckle but realise that your children are not even watching it anymore! Yes that’s me!

Our children are 4 and 2 and we kept the hotel as a surprise as we stayed as a treat for my youngest’s 2nd birthday as soon as we arrived they started shouting CBeebies and they couldn’t wait to get out of the car!

This hotel is made for the children and even the reception area is perfect for them, there are some small stairs for the children to climb to be able to reach the check in desk. You wouldn’t believe how many children just went up and down them all day having so much fun!

Checking in was super easy, we were given a CBeebies land lanyard and the boys were given a wristband which made them feel special. We got the lift up to our room and even the lift was fab with music. The corridors were really colourful and we couldn’t wait to check into our “Swashbuckle” Room.

After running along the Colourful corridor looking for our room number we opened the door and I’m so glad i filmed the children’s faces when I opened the door they were blown away.

The room was spotlessly clean, comfortable and full of character! Definitely makes a change when your children can’t wait to go to bed!

The room was well equipped for the children and they even had a TV in there part of the room, they had an interactive wall however the pad did not work.

After spending an hour calming the boys down we then headed downstairs to see the entertainment schedule….

The schedule was the same for our check in day and check out which was good in case we missed anything the first day. In all honesty We were not fully satisfied with the entertainment as it didn’t appear to be on schedule.

On the occasions we went to see something like Andy’s Adventure and activities and stories etc there was nothing on except some cartoons on the big TV from Cbeebies like Hey Duggee and Bing. Luckily we had not told the boys what was supposed to be on otherwise they would of been upset.

We then headed to The Windmill restaurant (blog to follow) for some tea!

The one thing we did take the boys to was the Tot’s Disco which was fab, the lady was great with all the children and it was almost like a birthday party with games,singing and dancing to all your favourite CBeebies shows.

We had a fab nights sleep and the beds were really comfortable…. there was no noise in fact I would say it was one of the quietest hotels we have ever stayed in! Impressive to say it was full of children!

The following morning it was my son’s 2nd birthday we checked out at 10am and managed to bump into Little Monster!

Whilst having breakfast (Windmill Restaurant) Postman Pat came in to see everybody which was a nice surprise especially for my little Birthday Boy & his Big Brother!

The staff were all really lovely, friendly and made an effort interacting with our children.

We then headed to Water Park for a birthday swim! (Blog to follow) had so much fun!

Overall we had a fabulous stay, so much so…. my son wanted to stay for the entire week and the tears appeared when we put our bags in the car! 😃

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