February 2018


CBeebies Land Hotel Alton Towers

All I can say is be prepared for tears! This hotel is a one of a kind children’s hotel based at the Alton Towers Resort. What an amazing place for kids, its bright, colourful and so much fun! As I say just be prepared for the tears…… when you have to check out and leave to return home! Where: CBeebies Hotel Postcode: ST10 4DB Parking: Yes FREE Near Attractions: Alton Towers, Splash Landings Swimming Pool: Onsite Water Park (Charge if not included in package) Website: Would I return: Yes! I’m a big kid heart.. so much so that when you put a CBeebies on in a morning and your going about your morning routine but before turning the telly off you have to watch the end of Mr Tumble, or just have to wait and see if Cook and Line will walk the plank on Swashbuckle but realise that…