November 2017


Emmerdale Studio Experience 

This week I turned 30 and since I remember Emmerdale has always been apart of my life. My grandma & grandad used to watch it every week back in the day when I stayed over I couldn’t wait to turn off the lights, sit with my cocoa and wait for it to start. Now I have my own family even though my children are young aged 3 & 1 they do enjoy Emmerdale. Don’t get me wrong they are normally tucked up in bed by then, but when it’s on they do watch the telly! They may not understand the storylines but I think it’s all the drama, colours and as it’s from Yorkshire they recognise the accents & of course the theme tune! Where: Emmerdale Studio Experience Postcode: LS3 1JT Total Price: ¬£21pp (10.00am early bird available which includes breakfast) Under 5’s FREE Car Park: Yes available directly opposite the…